Start a fundraiser

The Hauser family has raised more than $16,000 just through their Facebook fundraisers!

Fundraise in your
own special way

You can make a big impact for children who need epilepsy surgery by supporting our work! We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your fundraiser is a success. If you need brochures, t-shirts, or other materials that will help you – just let us know. You can even have our Executive Director to make a presentation about what we do. We’re all in this together. Let’s do this!

Fundraising ideas

We have lots of ideas that put the fun in fundraising!

Restaurant fundraiser

Who doesn’t love to eat? Fundraise at a restaurant and have fun with friends and family while you support what we do.

Host a bowling night

Rent a few lanes at your local bowling alley and ask your friends to join in the fun. Charge admission to participate, and offer fun prizes for best team outfit, most strikes, most gutter balls, and highest game score.

Host a movie night

Charge admission or a donation to attend the event and have other mini fundraisers like a raffle while your friends enjoy a movie in your home!