Let’s make things happen

We are the Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery Alliance, formerly known as The Brain Recovery Project. Together we are a powerful alliance of families, clinicians, educators, and researchers moving mountains for children who need neurosurgery to treat their seizures.

Our mission

We enhance the lives of children who need neurosurgery to treat medication-resistant epilepsy by empowering their families with research, support services, and impactful programs across the lifespan

Our vision

A world where all children after epilepsy surgery have the opportunity for a high quality of life, including an appropriate education, gainful employment, meaningful social opportunities, and good health to the maximum extent possible regardless of where they are on the spectrum of outcomes.

Our values

What we do results in sustainable, positive change for our stakeholders.

We know what our stakeholders need and build programs to address gaps. We are inclusive and focused on all children, regardless of where they are on the spectrum of functional outcomes.

Exceptional website, exceptional information, exceptional programs and services. We set the bar high. If we can’t do something well, we don’t do it.

We change the landscape for our stakeholders by thinking outside of the box.