• Do you want to learn how to be a better collaborator with your child’s school team and still get the services your child needs?
  • Do you feel frustrated by the IEP process? Confused? Worried?
  • Did you know that if your child is home-schooled or in a private school the school district must still evaluate and provide services in some cases?
  • Are you wondering how your child can get the therapy services they need during their school day?

We have a mantra here at The Brain Recovery Project: Knowledge is power. If you have to advocate for something for your child, you must understand it.

That’s why I’m trying out a new way to empower families who are advocating for the educational needs of their child after epilepsy surgery. Starting this week, I will be offering weekly office hours. Bring your education-related questions. These will be open meetings so that parents can learn from each other during the session. What it turns into will depend on who shows up and what your needs are!

The meetings will be on Google Meet, and you can attend with your camera on or off. There will be a limit of 10 participants per session and the hour will be divided based on the number of attendees that day (i.e. if there are 10 participants each person will have 6 minutes for their question, if there is only 1 participant you will get the whole hour to ask questions!). These sessions will NOT be recorded. 

I’ve picked different times and days each week so that hopefully everyone can find a session that suits their schedule.

If you have a question you don’t feel comfortable asking in a group setting, please email me

Register here.

Please email me if you have any questions or ideas about this new offering.

Upcoming office hours:

Before signing up, please start with a basic understanding of the IEP process by reading through our step by step IEP guide and watching our training videos on the IEP process and assessments. The office hours are for informational purposes only and nothing discussed should be interpreted as legal advice. 


If you’re going to advocate for something for your child, you must understand it.

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about the author

Audrey Vernick is our Director of Patient and Family Advocacy. She is the parent of a child who had hemispherectomy for seizures caused by stroke. She holds a level 2 certification in Special Education Advocacy Training from the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates and is certified by The ARC in future planning.

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